Live From Record Session

Released: 19/03/2021
Label: Gateway Music
Format: Digital Download

– Multicolored

Copenhagen-based Polish/Ukrainian jazz saxophonist Oleksandr Kolosii was born in Donetsk, Ukraine into a family of professional musicians. He began playing classical piano at the age of 6, and at age 12 he picked up the saxophone and found his lifelong passion for jazz music.

His style of playing pays tribute to legendary bebop and hard bop players like Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, Sonny Stitt, and John Coltrane. Currently he combines this with a continuous inspiration from a wide array of active jazz musicians on the scene today. Oleksandr moved to Denmark in 2017 to further his career and join the Scandinavian jazz scene. The same year he started at The Danish National Academy of Music where he is currently studying with some of the leading musicians of the Danish jazz scene like Claus Waidtløw and Anders Mogensen to name a few.

Living in Copenhagen and visiting New-York Oleksandr has received private lessons from Marcus Strickland, Chris Cheek, Melissa Aldana, George Garzone, Walt Weiskopf, and Karl-Martin Almqvist among others.

The fusion of world rhythms, classical music and straight-up jazz makes his music recognisable on the European jazz scene.

Oleksandr is a sponsored artist of MARCA REEDS , mouthpiece manufacturer SYOS , SLAVIK MUSIC .

He has participated in festivals and competitions such as Blue Note Jazz competition 2015 – Poland , Elbjazz 2019 – Germany, Vinterjazz 2019 – Denmark, Copenhagen jazz festival 2019 – Denmark, and Aarhus jazz festival 2019 – Denmark.

On March 19, 2021 Oleksandr has released his debut album “Multicolored”  featuring Danish jazz musicians and Boston/New-York based trumpet player James Michael Cronin

Oleksandr uses Custom ribbon microphones, designed and hand-made in Copenhagen by Jon Alexander